SCM-North East India in solidarity with KAIROS PALESTINE


On 3rd June 2012 SCMI-North East India region observed “World Week for Peace in Palestin-Israel”. More than hundred delegates were present from all part of North east India, delegate from NEICCYA, Shillong Law College and all other SCM NEI Unit were present to observed and show our Solidarity toward the people of Palestine Israel. Mr Meban of Shillong City unit led the programme followed by Bible reading and prayer by Ms. Safina Allya. Welcome address by Mr. Hamlet Lyngdoh. Mr. Shalom L Ralsun (Programme Secretary SCM NEI) gave a short reflection on the theme.

Dr. CR Lyngdoh (Prof. Political Science) gives a message of peace, problem and issue face by the people of Palestine and Israel, followed by praise and worship lead by Mr. Phillingston and friend from Jrts unit.

A signature campaign and hand impression to show our solidarity toward the people of Palestine and Israel was made and sign by the entire participant.

The SCM-NEI region convey a message that we the student of north east India pray for the people who has suffer for more than 63 years from occupation, lost their land and families, educate the people that everyone should enjoy their equal right and justice and stop illegal occupation and the effect of such consequences, advocate for justice and peace for the people of Palestine and Israel as a Children of God every one is equal in the eyes of God. Justice should be delivered  and we pray for peace and harmony.

We declare:

Its time for peace in Palestine and Israel;

Its time for equal right and to stop illegal settlement and occupation;

Its time for healing of all the wounded soul of the people who has lost their family, land.

Its time for the world to intervene in the peace process and the Church and the world body of ecumenical organization to stop such act of all illegal occupation, killing, etc.

We stand as one body in Christ and want complete peace and harmony in Middle East.


Mr. Shalom L Ralsun

Programme Secretary SCM NEI


About Student Christian Movement of India

STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT OF INDIA Contemporizing faith into praxis The Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI), the oldest youth ecumenical organization of University students in India formed in 1912 is marching towards celebrating 100 years of God’s faithfulness with a theme on “Eco-Justice”. SCMI is a students’ movement with Christian ethos which maintains a fellowship of students, teachers and senior friends with commitments to translate Christian Faith into action through contemporizing faith in Jesus Christ by discerning critically the signs of times. Spread across 13 geographical regions, SCMI over the years has been inspiring several students across generations, regions and languages to participate in transforming the Church and society, has been nurturing the values of ecumenism, unity, peace & justice and has been in the mission of shaping young leaders with integrity and commitment. SCMI encourages inclusive partnership of all church traditions, people of all faiths, and varied social, economic and political expressions including other youth ecumenical organizations like YWCA, YMCA, AICUF etc. It is affiliated to the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), a student federation of several SCMs across the globe for mutual solidarity and networking. SCMI invites you to a wide scope of experiences through fellowship, group dynamics, and live-in experiences with marginalized communities ; we offer you a wide range of learning through Biblical reflection, social analysis and cultural action. COME AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT!
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